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Candeax's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 6 (From 2 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 115 Points

Earth Defender

Invaders Gonna Invade! Unlocked 7/31/13
10 Points
Defeat the first wave of invaders.
Heeeal the woooorld Unlocked 7/31/13
25 Points
You used a HEAL Level 2
The Defender's Guide to the Galaxy Unlocked 12/29/13
25 Points
You read the tutorial and are ready to take on the invaders
You call that a gun? This is a gun! Unlocked 12/29/13
25 Points
Have a level 3 scatter turret
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Unlocked 7/31/13
25 Points
The Invaders Destroyed The World!
Fish in a Barrel 25 Points Have a level 3 normal turret.
Ima Firin mah Lazer 25 Points Have a level 3 Lazer Turret
Protectors Gonna Protect! 25 Points You protected the world through 5 waves of invaders.
Resorting to Nukes 25 Points Used a Clear Screen level 3
Defenders Gonna Defend! 50 Points You have defending against 10 waves of invaders.
Invaders Gonna Keep Invading! 100 Points You survived 20 waves

Medals Earned: 5/11 (110/360 points)

William and Sly

Weather Mage Unlocked 10/21/11
5 Points
Turn off the rain.
Flight 5 Points Find the wings.
Dominus Lux 10 Points Slay five darklings.
Deviation 25 Points Unlock all boxes and switches.
Resolution 25 Points Complete the game.
Sensitive Nose 50 Points Find all of the mushrooms.
Sly Fox 100 Points Earn more than 35,000 points.

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/220 points)